Who doesn’t love the feeling of clean? For those of us with blackheads, it’s especially satisfying to see what dirt you can pick up using pore strips.

If pore strips are like any other material that give us instant satisfaction, we can only wonder…are pore strips actually good for you?

Here are 5 reasons why they might not be.

  1. They shouldn’t be used daily.
    Pore strips are great at removing blackheads but they should be used on occasion followed with a proper skincare routine to prevent them from returning. Pore strips only get rid of the surface, so you would need a deep pore cleaning regimen after. Pore strips also shouldn’t replace a regular skin care routine. They only remove blackheads and dirt temporarily, without preventing more from popping up. Rather than chasing blackheads around with pore strips, use a regular skin care routine and use pore strips as an add on.
  2. It’s possible to over cleanse your skin.pore strips Yes, pore strips do get rid of the dirt and top layer of blackheads, but is it worth it if you know your natural oils are joining them? Those natural oils are what keep your skin healthy. Removing natural oils can also cause your skin to dry out, or overproduce, depending on your skin type.
  3. They may leave scars.
    If you use pore strips every day, chances are you’re tearing skin and scarring it. If there’s any sign of irritation, you should stop immediately. This may mean that you’re lacking natural oils which put your skin at a higher risk for irritation.
  4. There are harmful chemicals to sensitive skin.
    If you have sensitive skin or even a skin condition like rosacea, these pore strips could be too harsh on your skin. The chemicals that pore strips may contain are menthol or polyquaternium-37, which is found in some conditioners.
  5. Pore strips can cause spider veins.
    Spider veins are dilated veins, or blood vessels, that can grow into varicose veins. If your skin is thin, or you experience chemical peeling, pore strips can damage your capillaries, otherwise known as your blood vessels.

If you absolutely can’t live without pore strips, they should be used no more than once a week. However, you should cleanse your face often. Check out some of my homemade face masks for alternative face cleansers.