My journey to starting my own business has been a long and difficult one but it has led me here to helping all of you.

My story begins in Brazil, my home country, where I grew up watching my mom work with women to help them look beautiful for Carnival and other parties. I admired my mom and my passion for beauty began. I knew that I wanted to help others look and feel good. 

I started with aesthetic classes in Brazil including skincare classes, makeup classes, and body treatment classes. I also worked as a part-time model, which I enjoyed but did not make much money. I wanted to be able to support my education while I took some occupational therapy classes at a university, but I could not afford to. That’s when I decided to move to the US.

At only 22, my family did not completely support my decision to move away, but I  knew that I had to move for better opportunities. I moved to Miami and immediately had challenges to overcome, including the language barrier, discrimination, and looking for a job with only a travel visa. After 8 months of struggling on my own, I met my first husband who married me to help me stay in the country. After, I tried to enroll in a beauty school in Miami but became pregnant and had a high risk pregnancy.

I went to beauty school once my son was 5 years old. I received my esthetician license and was doing very well working in the high-end spas in Miami. Then, my husband got relocated to Maryland where I had to start all over again. I built a loyal clientele and worked with many cancer survivors. After my hard work and success, I finally was able to open my own high-end spa. My spa was a longtime dream of mine that finally came true, but after the recession, I lost my business.

When my spa closed, my relationship with my husband worsened and became unsafe. I was miserable but I was determined to make a positive change. I knew I had to get out and looked for work that would relocate me. I got a job in Hollywood at a spa inside of the Rennaissance Hotel. I was so excited about this life-changing opportunity and felt alive again. I had the courage to file for divorce and worked hard at three different jobs to support myself and my son.

Working at three different spas was difficult, not only due to how much work I was doing, but also because I did not agree with some of the practices where I was working. I wanted to help clients through skin improvements and the spa only wanted to make money and sell products. I was disappointed that they did not truly value the client and I decided to quit all of my jobs. I prepared myself for something better and wanted to change my life and the lives of others. I wanted to share my expertise and it was time for me to start my own business.  I decided to start my website and business to help everyone achieve their goals, make better choices, and live a better overall lifestyle. You can overcome anything with courage. 

My goal is to make my followers aware of the beauty industry and guide them through knowledge and motivation.