If you’re looking for an anti-aging, anti-acne face mask, then I have the perfect recipe for you! Carrots are rich in antioxidants and nutrients like folic acid, which helps hydrate, nourish repair and tone the skin. Honey is good for acne because it is a natural anti-bacterial. It also has anti-aging properties because it is full of antioxidants. The acidity in lemon helps with dark spots, balances out oily skin and aggressively targets pimples and blemishes. When combined together this mask will rejuvenate the skin and give it a healthy glow. This recipe is perfect for a healthy skin care regimen.

Carrots were initially grown as medicine for a variety of ailments, not for consumption.

We’re combining all three of these super-ingredients in this carrot mask. This mask is easy to make and great for all skin types. It can even be altered depending on if you have dry or acne-prone skin.


  • 1 large carrot
  • Honey
  • Lemon

Making the Mask

  • Wash and peel the carrot then cut into small pieces.
  • Measure out 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • Cut the lemon in half and juice it into a small bowl, removing any seeds.
  • Pour the carrots and honey into a blender and blend until it is broken down until a chunky mixture.
  • For those with acne, add the lemon juice and stir.

Vitamin C in lemons neutralizes free radicals linked to aging and most types of disease.

Applying the Mask

Wash your face using your regular cleanser and pat dry. Grab a generous portion of the mask in your hands and firmly rub onto the face, neck and chest. Some chunks will fall off your face and that’s okay because the most important part is the honey and carrot juice penetrating the pores of the skin!

Tip: lay down a towel under your face to minimize the mess. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes.

As I often say, beauty is a combination of a healthy lifestyle, exercise, a good diet, a positive attitude and external looks. While your mask sets in, do a quick ten-minute workout while your mask sets to keep the body moving and kill two birds with one stone! Rinse off your mask with warm water and pat dry.

Honey is a natural antibacterial because the bees add an enzyme that creates hydrogen peroxide.

You might notice you won’t need to add your regular moisturizer as the mask acts as natural hydration and leaves the skin glowing and fresh. If you will be putting on makeup, be sure to add a little bit of moisturizer to help lock in your look.

Tip: Drink at least 2 liters of water a day to keep your skin hydrated and fresh.