If you follow me on social media, you may have seen some of my live shows about new beauty and skin care products. In June, I was lucky to attend the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas! I met so many incredible people and learned about all of the latest in beauty and skin care. Read on for some of my favorites from the show!

I love products that are made from natural ingredients, which is why I loved getting to know the skin care company Nelly De Vuyst (nellydevuyst.com) and their new BioTense line. The skin care line is made of all 100% Organic Certified ingredients that give your skin real results.

I was able to test out their new organic cleanser that uses micelles to clean up your skin. Micellar water has been popular in the past few years, but this product is totally new. You don’t even need water! It’s a 2-in-1 product that cleanses the skin and tones to balance the pH.

It’s seriously amazing! I love the natural, organic ingredients, refreshing feel, and the ease of not needing water or cotton pads.

Another great natural-ingredient product I got to try was the Pure Oxygen spray from SkinAct! The product itself is called the OXYGEN INFUSION DETOX and has 3 different sets of ingredients for different skin types. I used the red bottle, which is made with collagen for anti-aging, and it was so refreshing!

SkinAct makes 3 oxygen sprays: one for anti-aging made with collagen, one for oily and acne prone skin made with lemon, and one for skin brightening made with Vitamin C.

The small size is on $16, which is very good considering this used to be a treatment only available in spas! Spas would use a special serum to help the oxygen work with your skin to prevent aging. The SkinAct spray is made with the serum inside so there’s no need for the spa!

Shop the SkinAct oxygen sprays here: http://www.skinact.com/SkinCare-Products-s/235.htm

I also was fortunate to try a fun company called Bazaar Boutique. I tried on the Sexy Mesh Poncho that can be worn in 12 different ways! The material is so light and easy to transition into different looks. I loved the dress and the scarf!

Shop Bazaar Boutique here: www.shopbazaarboutique.com

Overall, IBS Las Vegas was amazing! I love all of my new products and hope you all get the chance to try some!