Have you ever considered plastic surgery? With Spring here and Summer quickly approaching, everyone wants to look their best. Plastic surgery is a quick way to improve your looks but can sometimes go wrong. Avoid any mishaps while you’re on the table by doing your research and making smart informed choices.

Plastic Surgery

Make sure you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery! Here is why:

  1. Avoid Malpractice

  2. Avoid Undesirable Results and Depression

  3. Avoid Serious Health Problems

Don’t forget my motto when thinking about plastic surgery: Less is More!

With my many years in the beauty industry, I have unfortunately seen some dermatologists perform face-lifts and eye-lifts under the supervision of a plastic surgeon. Those dermatologists do not have the appropriate training to be performing these kinds of procedures. If you are considering some plastic surgery, please go to a board-certified plastic surgeon. This is a very serious procedure and I would hate for you to make choices that will eventually cost you more.

The only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Medical Association is the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

One great resource that I recommend to find a reputable plastic surgeon is 1800mysurgeon.com. This website is helpful for anyone not knowing where to start when looking for a plastic surgeon. They also offer guidance and can walk you through the process of selecting a plastic surgeon that is right for you.

Tip: Make an appointment with at least three different plastic surgeons before you undergo any treatments! You want to ensure you will be looking your best after your procedure!

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