I promote a lot of products on my website and social media, but I want to share with you all the products I use each night! I stick to a beauty routine morning and night to keep my skin balanced and healthy. It’s important to give your skin a routine so that it can adjust to the products your using! These are the steps I take each night to take care of my skin. 

On regular days, I don’t wear heavy makeup. If you do have makeup on such as foundation, concealer, or a foundation powder, remove it with makeup remover (or coconut oil on a cotton pad!) before taking your shower. I suggest taking it off right when you get home for the night to let your skin breathe!

When I get in the shower, I wash my face with the Deep Pore Cleanser for Normal/Combination Skin from Skin Fitness Therapy. This cleanser removes all the dirt from my skin without drying it out.

The most important thing when you choose your daily cleanser is making sure it works for your skin type. A daily cleanser should be effective and gentle. 

I also use a SpaCells facial sponge when I wash my face. It helps remove extra dirt, leftover makeup, and promotes cell regeneration. I definitely recommend this facial sponge if you’re looking for one! The material makes it much cleaner for your skin than using a cleansing brush (especially if you get lazy with replacing the brush heads!).

If you do use a facial cleanser brush, make sure you’re replacing or cleaning the bristles regularly to avoid bacteria building up and spreading around your skin.

After my shower, I pat dry my skin with a clean towel to get ready for the next steps. My favorite products to use at night are the Red Wine Concentrate with Noni and the Multi Vitamin Serum. These two serums are made from all natural and botanical ingredients. They also use Chiral Technology, which is taking only the pieces of the ingredients that will benefit the skin.

The Red Wine Concentrate with Noni smells so amazing! Besides the scent, it’s great for anti-aging or dry skin. It’s blended with red wine and essential oils that repair and tighten. The next morning, my skin always feels hydrated and smooth.

Next I use the Multi-Vitamin Serum that’s also great for anti-aging. It fights wrinkles and promotes cell regeneration. Just tightening wrinkles won’t prevent you from developing more, which is why the cell regeneration is so important. Your skin will build new cells that keep your skin looking younger longer.

Please note: I am NOT paid to write about these products! I choose to sell them because I truly do believe in them and use them everyday. The all-natural ingredients are essential to having long-term healthy skin!

After taking care of my skin, I take time to read and drink tea to relax my body. Keeping a routine each night actually helps you fall asleep earlier! Your body will get used to your routine and see it as a signal to get ready to sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep – try sticking to a routine for 3 weeks and see if it makes a difference!

Before bed, I love chamomile tea to relax me. Chamomile is known as a “bed time tea” because of it’s calming effects! It can also cure you of an upset stomach if you had a crazy dinner. Stick to just one cup so you’re not waking up too much in the middle of the night?


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