For those who are interested or just curious about liquid facelifts, now you can watch me undergo the procedure! As a licensed esthetician, I highly recommend doing your research before undergoing any treatments!

I received a liquid facelift from my friend Dr. Lin and made sure to ask him lots of questions to help anyone who may be wondering about liquid facelifts. I wanted to soften up some fine lines that I have and tighten up areas that are starting to sag. Watch my video above to see my treatment!

I received a numbing agent about 30 minutes before the procedure. This numbing cream makes the facelift almost painless.

Disport Treatment 

The Disport treatment is to soften the lines on my forehead.  Dr. Lin also used it in the area between my eyebrows and crows feet. For a more advanced technique, I also underwent with Disport under my jaw to tighten and lift my jawline. Finally, my neck was treated to soften any signs of lines. The Disport injection should last about 2-6 months. 

Lip Filler

I also received a lip filler to enhance my lips. We always want to avoid duck lips by only injecting the lips with a very small amount of filler placed in strategic areas. Dr. Lin recommends Juvéderm for lip injections. The lip injections can last as long as six months, dependent on how much movement occurs in the area. Lips Injections can be very painful because they have the numerous nerve endings. But the pain is worth it!


Cannula Technique Injections

The Canula needle is not sharp and has a small opening on it. As it goes under the skin it does not cause any bruising to the face.

Temples and Voluma

Voluma uses bi-cross technology which lasts longer. We injected the Voluma to my temples to increase the volume. It lasts much longer than other injectables, at about two years. A bit of anesthetic is used beforehand since Dr. Lin wanted to make a small incision to best inject the Voluma. The cannula is then inserted into where the anesthetic was placed. Dr. Lin used the fanning technique to lift the skin around my temples.


One of the most important things to remember when considering injections is communication. Talk to your doctor about what you want and they should be able to help you achieve it! They should also take the time to discuss what the procedure will entail, what to expect as far as healing and make you comfortable.


For my healing process, my doctor advised I only participate in light exercise. I also needed to sleep on my back for a night and not to touch or press onto the places where work was done. Dr. Lin also advised that I do not take blood thinners like medications or red wine to decrease bleeding.

If you have any questions about a liquid facelift feel free to send me a message on Facebook! You can also view more videos on my Instagram!