Product Description

Pure botanical collagen instantly refreshes, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. It contains heavy water which helps the skin resist water evaporation and maintains moisture longer.


BENEFITS: Collagen Fitness Spritz contains heavy water (D20); it looks, feels and tastes like regular water, but is sweeter. The hydrogen in heavy water is twice as heavy as the hydrogen in ordinary water. All water on this planet contains heavy water, whether it is sea, glacial, mountain, city, lake, distilled or purified water. It evaporates more slowly than ordinary water, and is more“structured”than ordinary water, making it“smarter”in supporting the growth and maintenance of life in all of its complexity. It requires 10 times as much energy to ionize than regular water. All of these features make it a highly effective ingredient in a mist, intended to help the skin resist water evaporation and to stay moist for longer. Research of heavy water indicates remarkable protective and preserving action on tissue.


  • Witch hazel: cleansing, astringent, increases circulation
  • Heavy water (D20): see above
  • Botanical collagen: hydrates, rejuvenates, tones and strengthens skin
  • L-sodium PCA: high-performance humectant due to its moisture-binding ability
  • Borage oil: lubricating and moisturizing
  • Phospholipids: oil-soluble emollient
  • Honey: anti-bacterial, emollient, moisturizing
  • Sphingolipids:   moisturizing,   cell-regenerating
  • L-sodium hyaluronate: moisturizing, promotes hydration
  • D-beta-fructan: retains moisture in the cells
  • D-beta-glucosamine: strengthens the skin’s immune cells
  • Essential oils: chiromatherapy™ blend to oxygenate

Mist skin as often as desired, especially after cleansing, to refresh, hydrate and tone. May be used to finish and set make-up application. Great for travelers!

Distilled water, botanical collagen, witch hazel, heavy water (D20), L-sodium PCA, borage oil, phospholipids, honey, sphingolipids, L-sodium hyaluronate, D-beta-fructan, D-beta-glucosamine, cucumber and coconut essentials

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.