Life can be very busy and sometimes all we need is some time to relax. As a licensed esthetician and a board certified permanent makeup artist I want to help you relax and make your skin feel great! Set up a spa in your living room for the ultimate relaxation. My friend let me help him rejuvenate his face and relax after a lot of traveling. This treatment is great for men, women, and teenagers.

Lavender is soothing, antibacterial, healing, and smells wonderful. It’s perfect for peace and relaxation.

What You Need:

  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Filtered water
  • Cotton or Gauze for Men with Beard
  • Slices of Cucumber
  • Warm towel
  • Optional: Candles

Begin by adding five drops of the lavender oil to the water. Dip the cotton balls or gauze into the water and squeeze out any excess water. Make sure your face is clean beforehand. Start placing the cotton or gauze all around the face, including the cheeks, forehead, and chin- leaving the nose and mouth for breathing.

Place your cucumber slices over the eyes. Your warm towel shouldn’t be too warm that it would burn the skin. When you are sure that it is cool enough for the face, fold it and place it around the face. Relax for 15 minutes!

The warm towel will help the lavender penetrate to the skin and the pores.

Your skin will be left feeling moisturized and soothed and you will be relaxed. Enjoy and feel free to share this video.

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