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The primary goal of my social media business is to help you understand your skin type and condition and use ingredients from your kitchen to treat your skin. For that reason, I have created many educational videos to help you achieve your goals and save lots of money in the esthetic industry.

Recently, some of my followers told me that, due to their busy life and schedules, they don’t have enough time at home for following my homemade skin care recipes. They asked me if there is any skincare brand with active ingredients and no harsh chemicals, fillers or preservatives that I can truly recommend. The answer is yes!

I have worked with, and continue to use myself, the amazing products from Skin Fitness Therapy. Let me introduce to you Skin Fitness Therapy products. The Laboratory is located in Hollywood, FL. Skin Fitness Therapy only works with professionals licensed in the esthetic industry for the reason that we, the professionals, are educated, trained and skilled to recommend the right products that will fit your skin type and conditions. The results are amazing.

Clients buy the products through licensed estheticians, doctors or nurses who represents the line. Skin Fitness Therapy has the most unique and clinically advanced skin care products on the market. They are manufactured from active natural ingredients without harsh chemicals, fillers or preservatives. Skin Fitness Therapy offers chirally correct products infused with all natural and organic ingredients intended to target both the epidermis and skin receptors at the cellular level and stimulating its natural ability to crave nutrients. The advanced selection of vitamins, fruit pulps, enzymes and acid corrective skin solution components will reshape the skin.

You have the option to purchase the products directly from my website here or continue following my recipes to achieve your desired results.

Thank you for following me and welcome to this new skincare journey!  




Licensed Esthetician

Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

“Beauty is everywhere, you just need to be aware”

Carolina Pellegrini

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