Many people undergo procedures to reduce the signs of aging in the face. But how do you know which treatments will work and keep your natural appearance? As a licensed esthetician, I have years of experience in the esthetic industry and know how the industry can take advantage of patients to make more money.

For some, anti-aging products are not enough or are used too late to avoid wrinkles and aged skin. Injectables and fillers are great for keeping a young appearance if they are done correctly. It is important that you do any and all research about the medical spa or doctor you will be receiving treatment from. You want to be in the hands of a professional who’s goal is to make you look your best.

Cosmetics should be used to enhance your natural beauty, not make your appearance completely change! I believe that less is always more. Doctors make money depending on how many units of injectables or fillers you get. So, some doctors will give you more than you need in order to make more money. Avoid this by knowing exactly what you want and which questions to ask.

There are many different kind of injectables and fillers, and the first step to having a successful procedure is to know the difference of each. The most popular injectable is Botox. Botox is used to paralyze the muscles, or “relax” as the doctors will call it, and make your face appear smoother. Doctors will also use Botox to tighten sagging skin around the chin and balance the symmetry of the face.

We’ve all seen men and women who have too much Botox at once. This happens because doctor’s suggest more than is really needed, and the patients are then unable to move the facial muscles with a natural appearance.

To avoid this, talk to your doctor about the amount of units that will be right for your face. Less is always more!

Dermal fillers are temporary fillers that are also injected into the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enhance your facial features. There are many different kind of fillers that have different results and last more or less time. Talk to your nurse, doctor, or esthetician about the results you want from a filler and which filler will give you those results.

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